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Welcome to Corium Treasury Limited, provider of interim and advisory corporate treasury services. Corium was founded by James Leather in 2018 and draws on his extensive experience and a global network of professionals, to help businesses identify their financial risks, formulate appropriate responses and to successfully navigate these risks.
Recent assignments include: 360 Treasury Review and Road Map for UK retail giant; Chair of the Group Treasurer’s Exchange in Berlin and LondonFX Risk Review and Policy creation for Mainstream Renewable Power (wind and solar) and HES International (commercial ports); Liquidity & Investment review for Alfa Financial Services (FTSE 250 software group); treasury System and Process upgrade for Ocado Plc; LIBOR transition for Landsec Plc across £5.5bn of debt and derivatives; Liquidity and Funding support for Interserve Ltd; and interim Global Director of Treasury for Getronics (highly leveraged IT services business).


What we do and how we do it

Service 1: Risk Review and Policy Creation

Treasury risks come in many shapes and sizes. Rapidly rising interest rates, however, have caused other risks to emerge on a scale not seen since the GFC of 2008 – counterparty credit risk, liquidity (and investment) risk, FX risk and funding risk to name a few.

Corium Treasury has the experience and network to help you understand the drivers of these risks, to assess how they can be managed and to convert the insight into a policy, with process and technology recommendations (e.g., digital platforms that enable access to: liquidity enhancing invoice and supply chain finance; cost reducing supplier payment techniques; and products that optimise risk-adjusted investment returns).

Service 2: ‘360’ Treasury Review and Road Map

Sometimes a specific focus on liquidity or FX, for example, is not enough and a full ‘360’ review is required. Perhaps the organisation has undergone recent significant change, or maybe such a review has not occurred for some time.

Whatever the reason, Corium can help by providing a full review of the function, identifying any gaps with respect to the requirements of the current business environment and better practice. Prioritised recommendations with quantified benefits can be converted into a plan or ‘road map’ providing clarity and reassurance about the way ahead.

Service 3: Accelerated RFP

From time to time, treasurers like to issue a ‘request for proposal’ (RFP), whether it be to select a new TMS, a cash management provider, a credit provider (e.g., supply chain finance) or to find counterparties for MM deposits.

Corium has partnered with fintech ‘Treasury Delta’ to provide a ‘consultant-technology’ solution, that makes this process many times quicker than it has been historically using emails and spreadsheets to record and compare responses. The Treasury Delta platform has 5 main advantages: efficiency, customisation, established vendor connections, transparency and governance. Ultimately, this is all reflected in price – and an attractive return on investment for the client.

Service 4: Carve Outs

In a business separation, how clear is the division of capital, fund management and other financial resources, such as the treasury function?

Corium can help you assess all aspects of treasury operational requirements for the parent or separating entity, to ensure that both are effective from the date of separation and that risks are identified and contained.

Service 5: Training (inc Presenting)

There are times when training can help – be it for a specific need, such as compounding (e.g. SONIA, SOFR etc) and ESG, or for a general requirement, such as accelerating the skills of a new team member, so that they can contribute to the team, more quickly than might otherwise be possible.

As well as helping with such technical requirements, Corium can also assist with presentational performance. From time to time, treasurers are taken out of their comfort zone and are required to make critical presentations e.g., to the Board, at conferences or to debt investors. Corium has teamed up with researchers from the Royal College of Music and Imperial College to harness techniques such as Virtual Reality and sequential simulation to improve high-pressure presentational performance.

Service 6: Interim Services

Sometimes, the services of an interim can be helpful: for some, it buys time, so a permanent replacement can be chosen without rushing; and for others, the expertise that a contractor brings is attractive, as they are able to ‘hit the ground running’ and immediately add value in troubling times, deploying a range of skills from implementing cashflow forecasting models, to handling LIBOR transition.

Whatever your interim need, Corium Treasury can probably help you fill the gap and leave your organisation with lasting improvements.


James Leather
James is a corporate treasurer with over 20 years’ cross-sector experience operating from London and Sydney, into Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is a former member of the UK’s Working Group on Sterling Risk-Free Reference Rates and a technical contributor to the Association of Corporate Treasurers. James is a qualified corporate treasurer (FCT) and accountant (CGMA), as well as a holder of the Certificate of Banking Asset and Liability Management (CertBALM) from the UK’s Asset & Liability Management association.


Where necessary, Corium can draw on the expertise of a global network of professionals in the provision of its services.


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